Welcome to Think4it LLC

The business behind Karen Lewis' experience, skills, and interest in all things online, digital, marketing, and media.


A few of the offerings

Paid Media and Advertising

I've purchased advertising big and small! My experience as a media buyer, planner and manager includes small local campaigns to national integrated campaigns. Extensive experience in traditional advertising across print, broadcast, and out of home. Use me as your resource to help plan, budget, review and guide your media dollars.

Social Media

Optimizing your social efforts to deliver the best results. Helping guide strategy, inform and plan for organic or paid tactics, analyze and audit current platforms, I'm here to help take your social presence to the next level.


I love numbers and numbers love me. With over five years of math courses under my belt, I know how to discover insights, identify statistical relevance for causational or corollary relationships, and highlight important trends to maximize results.

Online Audit

An overall high level view of where you're killing it and where opportunities exist to improve. I'll review everything from your CMS, SEO, social presence, earned media to your branding and influence. Priorities will help guide you on what elements to tackle for the best ROI.

Why Choose Think4it

Media Maven

Segment Producer for Local News

Media buyer/planner for multimillion dollar campaigns, nationally & statewide

Social Influencer

In a world of connectedness, I am connected. I know the ins and outs of social influence and how to maximize online presence

Online all time

From my first GeoCities website build to being in every social platform, I’ve been online since the days of BBS. I’m a true digital native

Data Nerd + Sociology

My coursework took me through math, computer engineering to a degree in Sociology. I understand the relationships between numbers and people.

About Think4it

Think4it is the online handle of Karen Lewis. Made up during the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) days, it was chosen to sound “smart” and intriguing while still staying a mystery. Think4it implies a duty to use critical thinking to discover an answer. 

Want to know more or just say hi? Drop me a line.

I’m available to take on new projects and look forward to working across all disciplines. Jobs big or small!