I possess extensive experience in implementing Advantage Agency management software, a comprehensive tool designed to efficiently track time, oversee production, strategize, procure and oversee media, meticulously record all financial transactions, and provide real-time insights into your agency’s activities.

My expertise lies in collaborating with you to optimize your operational processes, enhance transparency and control, and ultimately boost profitability through the utilization of this sophisticated software solution.

I’m here as a resource to help guide your setup, implementation and training. 

Advantage is a relational database.

Key fields establish all of the relationships in the system. The way these relationships are defined determines the levels and types of processing and reporting the system can provide. THESE RELATIONSHIPS IMPACT ALL AREAS OF THE SYSTEM.

Once the live database is set up with these relationships, THEY CANNOT BE CHANGED unless the process is started over with an empty database.

It is critical that management and others directly affected decide how these relationships should be used for the Company and Clients, prior to setting up the Maintenance Tables.